someone ask me about MySQL Join, based one table with only 2 fields (but many rows)? EG :- Name / Email Denny / Cheryl  / Denny  / Denny / Cheryl / what he’s after is to ‘search for “”, his first name is Denny , & find all entries (*) that […]

OpenSSH Vulnerability Disclosed

The OpenSSH team just released a security advisory about a vulnerability affecting both OpenSSH 6.2 and 6.3. If you are not familiar with OpenSSH, it’s the software used by a large majority of servers and hosting providers to provide SFTP and SSH services. Any vulnerability discovered in OpenSSH could have a major impact to website […]

PHP gak bisa koneksi via Remote ke MySQL tapi lewat Console bisa

Tantangan yang saya hadapi ketika itu adalah php tidak bisa melakukan koneksi ke remote MySQL , padahal jika saya lakukan lewat console dapat terkoneksi. Saya menggunakan private server dengan sistem operasi CentOS 6.3. Sedangkan, remote MySQL-nya berada pada shared hosting. Awalnya saya merasa aneh tidak bisa konek padahal saya sudah mengizinkan IP private server untuk […]